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Employers Tinker with Workplace Clinics

Interest in workplace clinics has intensified in recent years…

2011 may be the “Year of the HR Dashboard”

What can HR leaders expect 2011 to bring in terms of new trends and developments?

IRS Posts Plan Qualification Changes

The IRS has issued Notice 2010-90…

Firms Procrastinate on PPACA Planning

…managing the changes resulting from health care reform is a critical business issue…

New Law Extends Tax Breaks

legislation that would extend the tax-favored status of several employer-provided benefits.

HHS Approves Medical Loss Ratio Rule

The Department of Health and Human Services issued the first in what will be a series of guidance and rules

Autism Enters Into Benefits Equation

diagnosed with autism at age 4, Kulstad knew he faced years of expensive medical treatment

Employers Seek New Path to Savings with Dependant Eligibility Audits

More employers are scrutinizing employees’ health-insurance dependents

Grandfathered Health Plans Can Change Insurers

Employers are allowed to change insurers without their health care plans automatically losing grandfathered status