IRS Releases 2015 HSA Figures

The IRS has released the 2015 minimums and maximums that apply to health savings accounts (HSAs) and related high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). These increases occur annually based on a cost-of-living formula.  Because the inflation rate is fairly low, the amounts have not increased very much from last year.


2015 HSA

2014 HSA

Out-of-pocket maximum

$6,450 single/$12,900 family

$6,350 single/$12,700 family

Minimum deductible

$1,300 single/$2,600 family

$1,250 single/$2,500 family

Maximum deductible



Maximum contribution

$3,350 single/$6,650 family

$3,300 single/$6,550 family

Catch-up limit (age 55 or older)

$1,000 (unchanged)


The out-of-pocket maximum includes deductibles, copayments and coinsurance, but not premiums. 

While the same out-of-pocket maximums applied for HDHPs linked to HSAs and to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) cost-sharing limit in 2014, those maximums will differ in 2015.  The PPACA out-of-pocket limits will be slightly higher ($6,600 single and $13,200 family) than the HSA/HDHP limits in 2015; HDHPs that are linked to HSAs will need to meet the lower, HSA maximum.

Other cost-of-living adjustments that affect employers and plans, such as the health flexible spending account (FSA) limit, Social Security wage base, and qualified plan limits, will be provided by the government this fall.