UBA Rolls Out the Red Carpet at Annual Ubbie Awards

red carpet

Despite a year of extreme challenges in the insurance benefits industry, mostly as a result of health care reform, UBA celebrated significant growth and honored its most vital players at The Ubbie Award ceremony held at UBA’s 2013 Spring Meeting in Rosemont, Ill., which saw a record attendance of nearly 500 employee benefit and financial advisors and Strategic Partners. In the wake of the meeting, UBA also welcomed three new Partner Firms into its network of more than 140..

The Ubbie Awards are in recognition of innovation, quality of work, professionalism and contributions to programs that enhance business practices for the greater good of the entire organization. Award recipients must contribute to the development of resources and education necessary to help employers effectively manage their employee benefits and assist in the recruitment and retention of the best people.

2013 Ubbie Award recipients include:

Mark S. Gaunya, GBA of Borislow Insurance, “Partner of the Year”

Mary Drueke of Swartzbaugh-Farber, “Partner Staff Person of the Year”

Mountain West Benefits, “Partner Firm of the Year”

Linda Rowings, UBA Chief Compliance Officer, “Staff Member of the Year”

The three new Partner Firms are: Insurance Consulting Group of Tennessee, Shepard Walton King of Texas, and A.I. Group of Atlanta.

The criteria to become a UBA Partner Firm is very stringent; independent health and wealth advisory firms can only be considered for Partnership after they have been recommended and or vetted by existing Partner Firms and approved by the UBA Board and Partnership Committee. Partner Firms must meet specific financial requirements and a minimum standard of service that includes providing educational information and advice to employers. UBA Partners represent the best in the marketplace and are viewed as successful in their category by vendors, carriers, clients and peers.

UBA’s annual Spring Meeting is an opportunity for UBA thought leaders to discuss the rapidly changing benefits industry and what is required of successful advisor firms looking to stay ahead of emerging trends.

Thomas Mangan, CEO of UBA said, “Those recognized this year have served the organization greatly through their knowledge, talents, and willingness to help at every turn. It is because of members, staff and Partners like these that UBA has become a leader in the industry.”