Who’s Walking and Who’s Just Talking?

employee benefitsThere is a lot of talk about the many cost-control and health care reform tactics available to employers, but what are companies actually implementing? The latest UBA Benefit Opinions Survey aims to define just that. While clients and prospects of UBA’s Partner Firms have contributed thousands of responses to the survey, any employer can participate and get a complimentary findings report. This landmark benchmarking resource compiles information from employers representing all major industry classifications, employee size categories and regions of the country, and delineates employers’ opinions in five key areas:

  • Health Plan Strategies
  • Benefits Philosophy and Opinion
  • Health Plan Management
  • Personal Health Management
  • Employee Communications

Health plan strategies, philosophy, management, and communications have become a critical focus for employers evaluating their options to comply with health care reform and remain competitive. Nearly 80% of all employers continue to be firmly committed to the value of providing health benefits to active employees and their dependents and more than 95% believe good benefits help attract and retain employees according to the previous survey results.

If your company is interested in comparing attitudes and strategies with your peers regarding employer-provided health care, we invite you to participate. The survey is open from February 14 through March 10, 2014. Some of the results will undoubtedly be surprising and will help employers see how they stack up when it comes to:

  • How savvy employees are about health care costs
  • Prevailing employee attitudes during open enrollment
  • What programs are helping employees become better health care consumers
  • Wellness and prevention programs that are actually in use
  • Prescription cost-control strategies that are working
  • What most employers think when it comes to dependent coverage, consequences for unmanaged chronic care, and more
    • Health care reform strategies in place —from early renewals, Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) enrollment, ensuring health care is “affordable” and/or moving to Administrative Services Only (ASO) or self-funded models—to skinny plans, paying penalties, and/or sending employees to public exchanges for subsidies

Participate in the UBA Benefit Opinions Survey today to make more informed decisions regarding compliance, employee retention and cost management strategies.