Lead by Example; Adidas Adds Perks through Voluntary Benefits

In follow-up to our previous blog post, we wanted to provide a few working examples of the ways large employers are paving the way to successful voluntary benefits programs.

Adidas has added a dental plan, travel insurance, critical illness insurance and life insurance for employees’ partners to its voluntary benefits scheme.

The new benefits launched at the beginning of July are available to all staff and their families.  Adidas had already offered life insurance for employees, but has now added optional coverage for partners and spouses.

The employee-paid benefits are offered via salary deduction.  The new perks are part of Adidas’ work-life balance strategy.  Carol Bryson, compensation and benefits manager, said, “They are at very competitive rates.  There is a lot of choice for our staff.”

Dental coverage is offered at four levels, travel insurance can be worldwide, and critical illness and life insurance can be purchased in varying sums.

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