Study: Families Try to Eat Healthy

By Marlina Pesce | February 1, 2012

A new study reveals that low-income families cook dinner at home five nights not only do so to save money but also to eat healthier.

Released by Share Our Stregnth’s Cooking Matters with support from the ConAgra Foods Foundation, the study shows that 85 percent of family respondents said eating healthy is important.

“It’s clear that even families with limited resources are making healthy eating a priority, but there’s a gap between their healthy aspirations and their ability to put nourishing meals on the table most days,” said Janet McLaughlin, director of Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters.  “Simple strategies, like writing a grocery list or comparing unit prices at the store, can help narrow that gap.”

Eating well is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, which can directly or indirectly lead to the difference between good health and lengthy hospital stays, doctor’s visits and prescription costs. This is why everyone, no matter what state of health they are currently in, is encouraged to have healthcare coverage of some kind or a health

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