National Results: 2010 UBA Health Plan Survey

The 2010 UBA Health Plan Survey was conducted October 1, 2009 to June 4, 2010, through the joint effort of 145 of the nation’s premier independent benefit advisory firms who comprise UBA. Member Firms, in conjunction with existing clients, completed responses, and additional area employers were invited to complete the web-based surveys. UBA obtained plan data for a total of 17,113 plans from 11,413 employers.

While other surveys primarily target large employers, this survey focuses on reporting results that are applicable to the small to midsize companies who represent the overwhelming majority of the nation’s 5 million-plus employers, with a mix of larger companies in rough proportion to their prevalence nationally. Thus, this survey provides a current snapshot of the nation’s employers rather than covered employees. Its primary purpose is to provide accurate and relevant health plan benchmarks employers can use to help them make critical benefits decisions.

The purpose of the survey is to provide employers with comparative data regarding plan costs, employee contributions, and plan designs that will allow them to benchmark their plan against those of similar employers. That evaluation can be based on employers with similar numbers of employees, employers in a similar industry, or employers in a similar geographic area. The survey focuses solely on active employee and retiree health plans and directly related benefits (prescription drugs, HRA/HSA, and Section 125 plans) in order to derive the most useful results possible. A significant strength of this study is its unique ability to support subgroup analyses.

The national scope of the survey allows for regional, industry-specific, and employee size differentials to emerge from the data. In addition, the exceptionally large number of plans included allows for both a broader range of categories than normally reported and a larger number of respondents in each category. This is especially true for the small and midsize companies who comprise the overwhelming majority of health plans in the country.

Click Here to Watch a Flash Presentation on the Key Findings of this Survey:  UBA 2010 Health Plan Survey Key Findings

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